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But time spent can bring huge returns. Why in the world would you want to spy on your CPA Network? I am going to show you what a non-brokered offer looks like vs what a brokered offer looks like. Which in this case is wap. This is what a NON-Brokered offer looks like, this means Mundo runs this direct which is what u always want. F5 is brokering the deal from Glispa.

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Glispa was sending it to gltrkk. WTF is gltrkk.


What if it was another CPA Network? How can we find out who it belongs to? Way4 Type the tracker URL into google. Regardless, much of the ways on android can be repeated on iPhone with the iphone software version. Hope someone would comment upon this.

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Hi bro, the stuff you have written here is amazing. Thanks much. New Sub to you blog recently….. Thank you from a noob trying to get into media buying. My question would be — If I am not promoting any offer and I want to know what is being promoted on that game that I installed, it would be taking that game and find it in Odigger and see which CPA network is offering and then run it.

I also would activate the Ad Network android app to see what traffic sources they are promoting for that AD that appear on the game and then run the same offer, rip his creatives from WRW and make it better and run it on the same traffic source. Great guide, especially liked the part about tracker footprints.

Bookmarked and will be re-reading.

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Hats off for you man. I have a question that , Can i use direct links without landing page? I do not speak English, but I have to learn it. Excelent post, learned a lot and free, Thank you so much really am very grateful.

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After skimming through this post am so happy to have discovered a gem in both your article and in you and I bless today for making me find you. Be sure am gonna eat this site. Keep up the good work.

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God bless you! Thank you for this very informative post, these is one of the best spying guide i found on the web. Ill make sure to use your affiliate links when the time comes. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. Sharing is caring! Share Tweet LinkedIn shares. Ya i was considering using aHrefs, as well as SemRush.. Thank you so much, Attila. Your ultimate guide is very helpful for newbies like me. I am getting itchy thinking about the amount of time it took to write something like this. Good job! Is the process right? I noticed that most games are run through Admob and not other traffic sources though….

Thanks, new iAmTeacher guide has been released! No one has ever gone into so much detail with spying. Thank You. For example app installs. Atilla you just broke it down for us. You can search for ad campaigns in differing categories using search criteria or metrics like gender, age, region, source, network, etc. You can use the information you gather using a native ad spy tool for display advertising, social media advertising, Pay-per-view PPV advertisement, and mobile advertising. You can use this information to improve your landing page designs and ad copy so you can come up with better options.

Now that you know how valuable native ad spy tools are, let us take a look at seven of the best native ad spy tools. Anstrex is one of the most powerful native ad spy tools available today. It offers all the intelligence data from your competitors that you can use to improve your advertising and marketing efforts.

Anstrex has a huge database and it is frequently updated. The easy-to-use interface of the platform makes it easy for you to find successful ad campaigns in all categories. Landing pages can be previewed instantly on Anstrex. You can also get ad network details using this tool. Moreover, you can filter ads using by various metrics like ad-strength, days running, Alexa rank, and Gravity. You are also free to download landing pages. Both desktop and mobile platforms are covered by Anstrex. Anstrex will provide you different information like how long a particular ad was running and on how many platforms it was running, etc.

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This native ad spy tool saves a lot of time since you can easily analyze tons of ads in a few seconds. This way you can see what is working for them and try doing that yourself.

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We like the alert feature of Anstrex as it enables to keep a watch on your competitors. Anstrex is one of those ad spy tools that provide support to more countries than the majority of the other native ad spy tools. It offers competitive intelligence data to you in only a few clicks. You can spy on several ad networks as Anstrex covers 27 ad networks. Anstrex also offers alerts on search criteria to ensure that you stay up-to-date with the competition.

The alert system of this native spy tool will let you know when it sees an ad that matches your configured alert criteria. It also has data on several affiliate networks which makes it easier for you to launch your advertising campaigns. Both mobile and desktop platforms are covered by Anstrex.

Native ads can be analyzed in various languages and categories. Moreover, Anstrex is a great choice for all those marketers who are on a tight budget as it is surprisingly economical. All in all, we can say that Anstrex is the best native ad spy that can help you stay ahead of your competitors. Related : Adplexity Vs Anstrex. The second best native ad spy tool in our opinion is Adplexity. Adplexity gives you the opportunity to find out about campaigns that run on mobile carrier traffic.