Wife had an affair

Let me be clear here. YOU are not breaking up your home. Please wake up and realize the gravity of what your wife has done and is doing. SHE is making those decisions. This type of lifestyle is so toxic and dysfunctional that it is a crying shame. How I wish your wife realized this. She may not care about what she is modeling, but you need to care. We all live by choices —good and bad.

Signs That Could Mean She is Having an Affair

By enabling her to treat you and the children like this you are not doing anyone any favors. Be brave and prayerfully draw a line in the sand.

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No more of this is permutable to be lived out within your home. That is my humble, prayerful opinion. Do what you feel led to do, but I stand by what I am saying here. I pray for you and your children, and your wife too… that love and honor will be lived out within your home. Cindy has always the best answers, mine are more crude. Not what you want to hear and others may not agree. Not saying to divorce, not saying to give up. BUT you may need to put her out. If she can stay for weeks with this other guy, tell her to make it permanent.

You probably can not legally put her out of the house without legal separation because of legal issues, home ownership, etc. Be careful, the boyfriend has access to all your accounts and property through her. If he really turns south, he could drain all the equity out of your house. Consider moving your assets to accounts in just your name. Sorry, I have crooked relatives and have seen it all.

I had an affair and went back to my wife - but now I miss the 'other woman'

Sorry to hear that. You are still insisting you are in love with an adultrer. Man, send her away, open your eyes to reality and move on.

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Please I need help. I know every affair is different but this one is different. My story is one that will make you hate life. Help me; my 5 kids have hurt long enough; please. Please pray, read, and glean what you can use.

Why Have You Started to Wonder if Your Wife is Having an Affair?

But please feel free to explain your situation… just try not to make it too long. I know they are important, but they are not always necessary to point out. Going to a counselor is better for that type of interaction. But please explain in a condensed version what you feel would be important to talk about in this forum.

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Perhaps someone can point something out that will help you and your children. My wife of 17 years wants a divorce now. We have three children. My anger problem has a lot to do with my attitude, along with bitterness caused by traumatic experiences when I was growing up. She will not seek counseling for our marriage or herself. Recently she admitted that she is currently confiding in another man.

Samuel, Why ist that divorce in the USA has turned to childs play? Once he or she is not happy, the next step to take is to divorce the partner. So, why do you go into marriage vows in the first place? Majid from Nigeria, I do realize there are some cultural differences between people in different countries, like between Nigeria and here in the USA. However, I would like to bring your attention to a statement you made in your reply to Samuel of the United States when he wrote in with his comments about what was going on in his marriage of 17 years, and what he was afraid might happen with it because of what his wife was doing.

And to emphasize that, He places His blessings upon acts of sex between a covenant husband and wife relationship. WWhile at the time He also pronounces His judgment will be felt upon all those who ignore His purposes for sex and go forth committing acts of fornication or adultery. You will find those words in First Timothy In fact, he is encouraging it.

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I Love that! With you in Nigeria and me in the United States, we may never meet one another here on this earth, but I sure will be looking to meet you when the Lord Jesus comes to call us to join Him in the air and takes us on into the portals of Heaven! I will look to see you then!

Brother Sid. I always say many wives who are in difficult marriages have already left their husbands even as they live under the same roof and keep their daily routines. Your email address will never show up to the public on this web site. And the only name that shows on the web site is the first name. We edit out last names. I am so overwhelmed. I am seeing a therapist; just started.

Mikel, I want you to know that you are doing some really good things right now to try and save your marriage. That demonstrates to your wife how serious you are about wanting to not only heal yourself, but your marriage as well. Unfortunately, these things take time and there are rarely any quick fixes. You can also go into the topic on our web site called For Married Men as there are a lot of articles there to help you learn more about what our wives need from us husbands.

I hope this helps you on your journey of marriage restoration. She ended up joining an affair website after that incident, had an affair for a month until they had sex, to which she said reality hit during sex and they both felt awkward and stopped he was married too. I found out a week later via email, she confessed when confronted, cried begging me to forgive her she said she was so mad and just wanted my attention…she said I never seemed to give any care about her and her feelings and she just latched to the first thing that came along when she got mad at me.

We needed a reset; this blew up our old marriage that we were clinging to.

Infidelity: Understanding the Affair – And Rebuilding Your Relationship

Our communication and marriage is so much better now. The only sad part is it took an affair to allow us to appreciate our relationship and fix our issues. If you have been cheated on and your spouse wants to fix the marriage, you have to have empathy, be willing to work on yourself, and not take the affair as something personal the affair had nothing to do with you, it was the cheating spouse feeding off the attention and instant gratification. Been married for 5 hears to my beautiful wife. We had twin boys 1.

Fast forward to last Nov. My wife was giving me subtle clues as to me not giving her attention. Sex was great, just not extremely frequent due to us both being tired all the time and life getting in the way.