How to spy on your girlfriend

Sign In. Sign Up. With Appmia you can: Find out the truth NOW Read girlfriends texts You are able to see when the message was sent or gotten, who did it, what is inside, etc. Besides, you can track multimedia which is sent via sms application.

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Track her location Most modern cell phones are equipped with GPS navigation, which allows customers finding right ways, public transport, etc. Appmia can tell you where your girlfriend is and history of her movements. You will be able to check information about her income and outcome calls, listen to records, etc.

Check her browser history You may be interested to spy on girlfriend and her surfing in the Internet. Dating websites, chats — there are plenty or harmful recources you may know about.

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  • You can easily hold your girlfriend spy without any additional software. Control each phone feature Thank to Appmia you can not only read girlfriends texts, but know everything is going on her cell phone. Is it what you want? No, of course not!

    3 Ways to Spy on Girlfriend’s Phone without Touching It

    But here is a solution of your problem. Your girlfriend has a smartphone or iOS device, so you can get access to her personal life and find out everything about her. To help you in such situation can special spy software which main aim is to collect personal data at target person tablet or smartphone and transfer it to you.

    This is a modern spy application with large amount of features from calls recording to location defining that means the full spy on girlfriend. How to start using this application? Only simple installation is required. You have to visit special page on official website and download it for free.

    Spy on your girlfriend mobile phone - Track text messages for free ||

    If you have done everything as in this how-to the spy software will work stable and send you all information via Internet. Besides, using Appmia is quite easy. This is a relatively easy way to spy on girlfriend, just go through the bill and look for repeated texts to an unfamiliar number.

    Maybe it shows a long call or phone use when they were supposedly doing something and out of contact with you.

    Boyfriend or Girlfriend spy

    In this way, the bill can show you she was lying about being out of touch, and who it is she was talking too. This is not conclusive proof of a cheating girlfriend, but it is a quick way to get an idea of what is going on. If you can get access to the phone, when she is in the shower or something, look for additional social media accounts that she is keeping secret from you or new friends that she talks to a lot. See what those new friends are up to, what they say about her, it may show you some proof of what is going on. Look for apps from dating sites too.

    In general, that is a bad sign, and if she is not cheating right now, she is probably planning to. You can be sure if eh has set up profiles on dating apps, then she probably is not looking to stay faithful. While going through her phone to spy on girlfriend can show you contacts and conversations that reveal what she is up to, many people today are more devious. Instead, they get a second phone just to use for their cheating, with completely separate email and social media accounts. It is like having a second life, sperate from the one with you.

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    Finding a second phone will usually give you all the proof you need she is a cheating girlfriend. However, finding the phone may not be straightforward.


    Anyone that goes to this much trouble to cheat, will be doing their best to keep it hidden as well. Find it though, and you will likely have all the proof that she is a cheating girlfriend that you need. Catch A Cheating Girlfriend.